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To Lagunitas School District Parents:

This is to notify you that Assembly Bill 130 which the California Legislature passed in mid-July mandates changes to school independent study programs. Districts all required to inform all parents and guardians of the following changes: 

  • Students have a right to participate in independent study rather than in a school’s regular in-person program.
  • Independent study programs must ensure connectivity and devices for students.
  • Upon request, parents may receive notification of educational options.
  • Parents of students who are absent from participation in independent study will be notified of such absences within one day.
  • Students who wish to return to in-person learning will be allowed to return to in-person learning expeditiously (within 5 days) but may be placed in a class other than the one in which they were initially enrolled. 

As a small school district, Lagunitas does not have the financial or staffing capacity to offer an independent study program and will instead meet its obligation to provide independent study as mandated by AB 130 by offering an Interdistrict transfer to any student who wishes to participate in independent study rather than the  in-person program. (We are making arrangements for an expediated inter district transfer process with the Novato School District and anticipate having that process in place before school begins.)

If you have questions about independent study or would like to meet to discuss educational options, please contact me directly via email at jcarroll@lagunitas.org or call the school office at (415) 488-4118.