Lagunitas School District

Lagunitas School District , 7 days ago

From Lagunitas School District The Lagunitas School District is open today. There are several power outages in the San Geronimo Vally but power is on at school and classes will take place as usual. The National Weather Service advises that rain will continue but that the strongest part of the system has moved to our south.


Wickersham , 9 days ago

Lagunitas School District's Board Meeting is this Thursday, February 14 at 5:30 p.m. in Room 20. Click the link to get a copy of the Agenda and Board Packet:

Lagunitas School District

Lagunitas School District , 14 days ago

The Richmond San Rafael Bridge is closed. We have just received notice from the Marin County Office of Education as follows: Large chunks of concrete were reported falling form the upper deck onto the lower deck. · Traffic was stopped in both directions. Cars on the bridge were escorted off by the CHP. · While some news reports indicate that the bridge may be reopening this afternoon, there is not yet confirmation from CHP or Caltrans. This situation is expected to have a major impact on traffic throughout Marin County for the rest of the day.

Lagunitas School District

Lagunitas School District , 22 days ago

Great Community Cafe in Lagunitas to discuss health for our youth! view image

Lagunitas School District

Lagunitas School District , 29 days ago

Drake High School Open House is tomorrow night. (Thursday 1/24) 6:30 - 8:00

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