Our District:


Open Classroom: Grades K-6


Montessori: Grades K-5


Middle School: Grades 6-8



Laura Shain - Principal


John Carroll - Superintendent


Jeff Lippstreu - Chief Business Official

Our History:

From 1872 through the present

1872: New district

The San Geronimo School District was formed in 1872 to serve area ranches. Before this, children had to travel to Nicasio Valley to attend school in the one room schoolhouse in that district. This was the precursor to the Lagunitas School District.

1875: Schoolhouse

While the district was formed in 1872, its schoolhouse wasn't completed till three years later, at a cost of $1,000 dollars. The 20x30 foot one-room schoolhouse was near the intersection of today's SGV Dr. and Nicasio Rd.

1908: LSD is formed

The San Geronimo district dissolved and its place was taken by the new Lagunitas School District in 1908, with a new one-room schoolhouse on West Cintura Road in Lagunitas. This is why the district still bears the name 'Lagunitas.'

1927: A new home

Woodacre resident Alfred Y. Williams designed and built the new Lagunitas School on ranch land donated by the Garzoli family of San Geronimo. That building is now the San Geronimo Valley Community Center, an important partner.

1970: Open begins

The Open classroom began with the hiring of teacher Sandra Dorward. The first multi-grade version of the program started in 1971, and 1972 saw a school board election that supported the continuation of the progressive program.

1983: Montessori

Lagunitas' Montessori program was founded in 1983 as the first public Montessori school in Marin County. Another traditional program, A&E, was once offered to families. Today, Lagunitas has Marin County's only public Montessori program.

1998: MS complex

Booming district enrollment of nearly 500 students overflowed existing classrooms and led to the construction of a brand new six-classroom Middle School facility. Work was completed by San Francisco's Lemanski & Rockwell architects.

2020: COVID-19

The Lagunitas School District adapted to the global COVID-19 pandemic by holding classes 100% online for the first time in the district's history for nearly a full calendar year beginning in March of 2020. The district moved to a hybrid learning model in early March 2021.