Breakfast & Lunch Programs

sandwich with fruit and salad

The School Board of Trustees recognizes the important connection between a healthy diet, physical activity, environmental and nutrition education and a student's ability to learn effectively and achieve high standards in school.

The Board also recognizes the school's role, as part of the larger community, to promote family health, sustainable agriculture and environmental restoration. The School Board of Trustees recognizes that preparing and eating a meal together is a fundamental experience for all peoples; a primary way to nurture and celebrate our cultural diversity and an excellent bridge for building friendships and inter-generational bonds.

Mission: The educational mission is to improve the health of the entire community by teaching students and families ways to establish and maintain life-long healthy lifestyle habits. The mission shall be accomplished through nutrition and healthy-eating education, garden experiences, the food served in schools, core academic content in the classroom and physical activity opportunities.

2023-24 School Year

Breakfast and lunch are free of charge for all students.


Please contact the office of your child's school with any questions: