Our Board


James Sanders, President Term: 2018-2022 email: jsanders@lagunitas.org

Denise Bohman, Clerk Term: 2020-2024 email: dbohman@lagunitas.org

Richard Sloan, Member Term: 2020-2024 email: r.sloan@comcast.net

Steve Rebscher, Member Term: 2018-2022 email: srebscher@lagunitas.org

Amos Klausner, Member Term: 2018-2022 email: aklausner@lagunitas.org

Lagunitas School District’s Board of Trustees

The Lagunitas School District’s Board of Trustees is comprised of five members, each serving a four year term. Trustees are either elected or appointed to the position. Elections for this unpaid position are held every other year in November. The next election of Trustees is November 2022. The term of office runs from December to December of each year. Trustees must be citizens of the state of California, registered voters, and live within the district’s boundaries.

The Board usually meets once each month in a Lagunitas School classroom but during the COVID-19 Pandemic all meetings are conducted via Zoom. The agenda is posted on the bulletin board outside the school district office and on the school district’s website three days prior to the meeting. School Board meetings are open meetings and guests are welcome to attend. Closed sessions may be held before or after the open meeting.

Although the Board has many responsibilities, its main functions are to employ and evaluate the Superintendent, establish and review district policy, monitor and approve the budget.

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