COVID-19 School Update July 17, 2020

The Lagunitas School District School Re-Opening Task Force met today and by consensus, decided to recommend that the Board of Trustees vote next week to delay the start of the 2020-2021 school year until August 24 and to begin the year with remote learning

The Task Force considered the following information in making this recommendation:

  • Joint guidance from the bargaining teams from the California Teachers’ Association and the Lagunitas School District.
  • A recommendation from the Marin Department of Public Health and the Marin County Office of Education.
  • A recommendation from the Task Force Steering Committee.
  • A statement today from Governor Newsom that all schools in counties on the California COVID-19 watchlist should begin school with remote learning. (Marin is included.)

The Board-authorized Task Force and its steering committee is comprised of 85 members representing all district programs, unions, administration, parents and the Community Center. Given the substantive guidance from various groups, the Task Force came to consensus about the need to start school in a way that would maximize student and staff safety while Marin County experiences its most dramatic spike yet in COVID-19 infections and fatalities. 

We hope this decision will bring some certainty to families and who have been unsure about what the start of school will look like and provide staff with information needed to take immediate steps to prepare for a particular mode of instruction. 

We recognize that beginning school in this manner would not have been anyone’s first choice under normal conditions but we trust that our community will recognize the importance of proceeding as safely as possible under the current circumstances. 

Please be reminded to wear face coverings in public, practice physical distancing and frequent, thorough hand-washing.  It is critical for parents to do their best to ensure that children take similar measures as well.  

Thank you for your continued patience and resolve.

John Carroll, Superintendent