thank you.

Dear Trustees, Former Trustees and School Staff:


It has been a privilege to serve as your superintendent for the last eight years. At the end of this month, I will be leaving with a profound sense of gratitude for all you have given me personally and professionally.


Our communities, unique as they are, have something remarkable in common. They are places where teachers, support staff, parents and community members stay personally involved in their school.  You all understand the importance of local public education, not just for your children but for all children and for the health of the entire community.  That understanding is reflected in the work you do every day and in your willingness to engage with one another even when the work is hard and when agreement does not come easily.  


There is nothing like working in Bolinas-Stinson and Lagunitas; it has been fun, challenging, frustrating, inspiring… in short the most rewarding experience of my career. Moving on brings a measure of sadness along with joy I feel at the beginning of a new adventure. I’ve learned much about how schools and communities work, about how to listen to people and work together for the common good. I hope to apply those lessons well in my new job at the Marin County Office of Education where I will continue to support your work. 


Schools are not buildings or classrooms or playgrounds; schools are actually people who work together to make sure all of their children learn and grow strong physically and emotionally.  It has been an honor to be part of your school and I thank you for giving me that  opportunity. Our schools are in good hands… yours. I am more than confident that you will continue to meet the never-ending challenges that come with educating children. As you have for many years, you will rise to any occasion and do what is best for all our students.


With deep gratitude,


John Carroll