In February, the Lagunitas School District Board of Trustees approved a list of qualities we look for in all teachers. As part of our Long Range Plan, we'll be using this to prepare interview committees and make hiring decisions. 

Lagunitas School District:

Qualities We look for in teachers- for hiring and retention.

Ability to build positive relationships

  • with students
  • with parents
  • with other staff
  • kind and caring

Teaching competence

  • Manages classroom effectively 
  • Designs lessons and assessments to meet clear learning goals
  • Creates a welcoming physical environment
  • Holds high expectations for all students
  • Provides relevant and engaging learning activities

Ability to differentiate and personalize instruction

  • Uses valid assessments to guide instruction
  • Enthusiastically works with all students regardless of background
  • Implements multiple teaching strategies 

Progressive Values

  • Practices relational (non-punitive) discipline techniques  
  • Values alternative instructional methods
  • Demonstrates learning-driven rather than compliance-driven orientation to instruction
  • Values student choice

Willingness to learn

  • Demonstrates humility and ability to change.
  • Independently seeks out opportunities for professional growth.
  • Demonstrates a growth mindset 
  • Responsive to feedback- changes practice based on evidence